Bexley Bird Report for 2016 – 153 species, 13,000 records, 80 contributing observers.

Bexley Wildlife is pleased to be able to publish the latest ‘Bexley Bird Report’ compiled by Ralph Todd, which covers the whole year 2016, as opposed to the previous half-yearly documents.  153 species were seen, 13,000 records were examined and there were 80 contributing observers. Congratulations are due to all concerned. This has  taken a huge amount of time and effort to produce, and Ralph is currently considering whether to do another in 2017, or to concentrate on producing a ‘Birds of Bexley’ publication that will give a historical overview and a more rounded picture of the changing status of the various species.  

The report contains sites, dates and in some cases counts, for all the species listed, and there are a number of photographs, including of the rarer sightings, throughout the report. 

Ralph highlights sites and species that could do with more attention and urges the continued submission of records, not just of rarities by expert birders, but also of commoner species from gardens. People willing to lead a more co-ordinated study of species such as Sparrow, Swift and Skylark in Bexley are sought so that we can better and more accurately discern population trends.    

Some species are not safe in Bexley given the current Council regime’s attitude to nature, and it is hoped that this report, highlighting the wealth of birds in our Borough, will encourage more residents to take an interest in and speak up for their right to continue to live, breed and thrive here. 

Download the PDF file .

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  1. MIKE AMOS says:

    Congratulations Ralph on a superb authoritative report . I have asked my brother to print it if for me in order I can read more thouroghly.

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