Bexley Against River Crossings meeting, January 5th Belvedere

The next meeting of Bexley Against River Crossings (BARC) will be at The Belvedere Community Centre, Mitchell Close, Belvedere. on Tuesday 5 January at 2.30pm.

Transport for London is conducting yet another consultation: reach and Belvedere river crossings

with a deadline of 12th February. This is all part of the self-reinforcing ‘logic’ of massive population/concrete expansion in east London, supported by Boris Johnson and the Bexley Council ‘leadership’ (which used to be against bridges, but now supports the Belvedere one and is somewhere between fence-sitting and supporting a Gallions Reach bridge), no doubt because TfL believes these bridges will ‘help to stimulate development in the surrounding areas.’ What they fail to point out is that this is the country that proved that if you increase road capacity you increase traffic, with all the downsides of that. Except that TfL and Bexley Council think more traffic, more tarmac and more pollution is a good thing.

The agenda will be sent at a later date, if you have any particular item for inclusion please let Tony Fairbairn know (see below).

Please come along as this will be the last chance to formulate the group’s response to TfL etc and get notifications to residents. If you cannot come along please ask a colleague.

A preliminary date has been set for a public meeting – the evening of Tuesday 26 January – but finding a location that offers value for money is proving difficult, as funds are barely existent.

For further info / agenda proposals / ideas for finding a room that can accommodate up to 50 people please contact Tony Fairbairn

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